Denver APARTMENT & OFFICE BUILDING Window Cleaning Service

Denver commercial window cleaning service.

We provide a mid rise window cleaning niche without the need for ropes or scaffolding. Keep your business looking its best with streak-free windows by a company that excels in window cleaning for commercial buildings. We use the finest cleaning products to thoroughly clean your windows and doors, and we’ll leave every glass surface we touch sparkling.


When you need window cleaning service for a mid-rise office & apartment building in Denver, you can’t trust just anyone. Commercial windows are a big investment and are one part of your headquarters customers, tenants, and other visitors are guaranteed to notice.

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The experts at Edge Commercial Cleaning are experienced and knowledgeable in mid-rise window cleaning. We’re professional, courteous, timely, and confident that we can leave your windows looking like they’ve just been installed.

Window Cleaning Service for Apartment & Mid-Rise Office Buildings

Denver weather can take a toll on commercial windows. From water stains to marks from debris and wind, windows need regular washing to look and function their best. Edge Commercial Cleaning provides mid-rise window cleaning for a wide variety of businesses.

Apartment Window Cleaning

Apartment owners have a responsibility to take care of both the inside and outside of residents’ living quarters. Tenants expect that their windows will be cleaned regularly. No one wants to come home to dirty windows or have their view obstructed by dust, dirt, and grime.

Fortunately, our apartment window cleaning services are the best in the business.

We use state-of-the-art technology that protects residents’ privacy. Our method allows us to clean without climbing on windows and disturbing residents in their homes. We’ll leave every one of your building’s windows spotless, and your residents are sure to appreciate their debris-free, streak-free view.

Office Building Window Cleaning

The condition of your windows can make or break the presentation of your office building. Clean windows make a great first impression, while dirty windows can make even newer buildings look old and unmaintained.

Commercial windows are a big investment — the last thing you want is to leave them vulnerable to damage from environmental buildup.
We know that maintenance work can be disruptive during the workday. That’s why we offer non-intrusive office building window cleaning methods that allow your staff to do their work unbothered while we do ours.

Hotel Window Cleaning

One of the first things most hotel guests do when checking into their rooms is head to the nearest window to take in the view. Dingy windows can give your guests an unpleasant surprise.

Whether you have just a few rooms or a large-scale hotel, we can handle any job up to six stories. As with our apartment window cleaning service, we respect the privacy of your building’s occupants while providing hotel window cleaning services. We promise your guests will barely even know we’re working.

The Edge Cleaning Process

One of the main reasons business owners put off window cleaning is because of the labor involved. The tedium of setting up equipment, the liability of workers on scaffolding, and the disruption to workers and customers can be a lot to take on.

The Edge cleaning process is different.

We provide window cleaning services to your apartment & mid-rise office building without the need for scaffolding or ropes. Our process makes use of the latest technology and allows us to clean windows effectively without setting up scaffolding or dangling from a building’s exterior. That means greater efficiency and less time you have to spend worrying about your windows’ appearance.

As part of this unique process, we use deionized pure filtered water, which is both cost-effective and environmentally friendly.
Deionized water is less toxic than other types of water or cleaning products, so it’s safe for use around pets and plants. Using harsh water and chemical-laden cleaning products can actually damage your windows over time. Our way is gentle yet effective.

We keep your business looking its best and leave you with crystal-clear, streak-free windows that are protected from the elements. We don’t leave a job site until every window is sparkling.

Why Choose Edge?

Edge Commercial Cleaning is a leader in commercial window cleaning in Denver and the surrounding area. We have the knowledge, skills, and equipment needed to get the job done, no matter how big.

We’ve invested in the best tools on the market to complete every job with efficiency and precision. Our team is experienced in providing window cleaning service on all types of buildings, including residential, commercial, retail, and industrial properties.

When you hire us, you can rest assured that you’re working with the premier window cleaning service in Denver.

We’re locally managed, always on time, and we guarantee the price that we quote for your cleaning. We’ve built our business on sustainable working relationships and always strive to ensure that we’re there when you need us.

Give Yourself an Edge

Whether you need a touch-up on a small building or a deep clean on a large property, Edge Commercial Cleaning has got you covered.

Call us today to request a free quote. We’ll talk you through your options and make sure you’re clear about every aspect of the job before we get started.

Two window cleaners on ladders cleaning apartment building windows

Privacy Cleaning Services

No one enjoys being watched in their home or at work! At Edge, we use state of the art cleaning technology that helps us to get the job done quickly and effectively, leaving low-rise buildings looking polished and pristine all without the need for someone with a squeegee in your residents’ windows.

Man cleaning windows on a Denver mid-rise office building

Deionized pure filtered water

Environmentally friendly and cost effective. We use the finest cleaning products to thoroughly clean your windows and doors, and we’ll leave every glass surface we touch sparkling.

Window cleaner in Denver cleaning window on a mid-rise apartment building

Non Intrusive – Landscape Safe Cleaning

Keeping your windows clean improves your building’s appearance and curb appeal—not to mention, increases the lifespan of the windows themselves. You can feel confident knowing your building’s windows are well taken care of when you hire Edge.